Life in Burke

Burke, Virginia, is an ideal place to live when you want the comforts of suburbia along with the excitement of a nearby big city. In this case, that big city is none other than Washington, D.C., located only 20 miles from Burke. Nature lovers, rejoice: Burke also offers ample green space, with Pohick Creek Stream Valley Park and Burke Lake Park.

Things To Do

One reason Burke, VA, shines is its outdoor options. Pohick Creek Stream Valley Park, which borders Springfield, VA, offers nature trails, backpacking, fishing, mountain biking and more. Burke Lake Park, right outside Burke, provides 218 acres of water fun for fishing and boating. On land, activities include volleyball, disc golf and a driving range. One of the lake's gems is the Burke Lake Loop Trail, which the American Hiking Society designated as one of the best 10 fitness trails in the United States.

When Burke residents want to visit art galleries, see movies and partake in other cultural events, the city of Fairfax is only 5 miles away. Likewise, Arlington is about 15 miles away. For bigger doses of culture, Washington, D.C., glimmers to the northeast. Living in Burke certainly allows people to enjoy the features that bigger cities offer without giving up the advantages of a less-stressful pace of life.

Housing Near D.C.

Burke, Virginia, which is in Fairfax County, offers some of the most affordable housing in the D.C. area. From townhouses, condos and single-family homes, real estate in Burke has it all. The area is primarily residential, with no real downtown core. Don't worry about not having places to shop, though; stores are never far off.

Burke, Virginia, even has a few planned communities: Burke Centre, for example. This Burke neighborhood is home to parts of several major roads as well as thousands of housing units, in addition to office and retail space. While it is true that residents in Burke may have to grapple with D.C.-area traffic if they commute, Virginia Railway Express (VRE) stations serve Burke, taking the stress out of the daily drive.

Getting Around Burke

Buying in Burke neighborhood puts you in the commuter belt of downtown Washington, D.C. Residents who commute generally take the Burke Centre Virginia Railway Express (VRE) to L'Enfant Plaza or Union Station and pick up the metro to their D.C. destination. The main roads can get pretty backed up during peak times, and residents are known for being very strategic when organizing their driving and adjusting their commute times or taking the back roads.

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